Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Girl in the Boots

It was my first day at school today.
I was so excited to meet friends, read books and play.
Until the girl in the boots was mean,
 and told me I couldn't climb the tree.

Her boots were blue, pink, yellow and green,
but it wasn't her shoes
it was her mouth that was mean.

She was a whole lot older like 6, 7, or 10
but that girl in the boots is not going to be my friend!

Maybe it is her boots that make her that way?
If they bite, pinch or sting that would give anyone a bad day.
But I don't think it's her boots, I think she's just bad
and because she is mean her boots will be sad.

My Mommy told me to just stay away
and to pray for her to change her way.
I'll listen to my Mommy and do what she believes.
(But I'll secretly hope that girl falls out of the trees!)

Peter Pan

Gary and The Spongebob Gang

Snoopy and Daddy

Paper Cuts

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Whale

Isabelle came to me with this and explained it as a whale with Dori and Nemo's dad inside and the whale is about to eat the krill, she is awesome!